Information system (MIS and Decision support system)

With Powerful “Information system” of AIS One can –

  • Have better visibility of their business and better control on Numbers.

  • One can ‘Drill down’ an entity , So granular and can get Detailed view of the entity , which supports you in Decision making.

  • Consolidates/Groups all your entities in “Seconds”, So that you can analyze Your Group as if Like a ‘Single entity’ , Though your group might be spread in Different States or even different counties , with multiple operating currencies , Different Financial years (like USA Entities have Year of Jan to Dec , Indian Entities year of April to March) etc..

  • Now a days , Indian entities though having ‘Same Pan’ , since having many Verticals/ line business are having ‘Separate GST registrations’ and maintaining separate books by each GST Registration. With AIS , you can ‘Group’ all these entities and analyze your ‘Group’ in a Click.

  • In Accounting software you generate reports only ‘Entity currency’ , i.e For Indian entities  Trail balance , P&L etc would be only in “INR”. Whereas in AIS you can generate any report in ‘Entity Currency’ or in ‘Document currency’ or even in ‘Group Currency’.

Refer below Video to know more..