Pricing and License FAQ

Yes , you get copy of software under ‘License’ to use software forever. Though original software IP be owned by us , the License copy is owned by you and you can use ‘Forever’.

In simple terms Literally no limits on usage , refer to our License agreement.

As long as you don’t try to Pirate the software , reverse-engineer , sale the software over internet(i.e unauthorized sale) etc ‘Ais’ is your friend , If you try to pirate , reverse engineer , unauthorized copying etc , these situations will not only revoke your License but also lead to Legal proceedings for Software piracy.

Yes , we believe in ‘Unlimited Experience’ , That’s the reason you get ‘Unlimited Companies , Unlimited Users , Unlimited Transactions , Unlimited File attachments’ . Literally No limits on software usage.

Our model is like Windows ,  We provide only software .  You will bear ‘Database costs’  and ‘Cloud Bucket costs’(Where files are saved).  This model gives us  more flexibility to ‘Give you more functionalities and also allows to Go deep in any module’. Our Goal is to Provide a Powerful tool.

We offer Trail usage of 3 Months ,  Once you are satisfied at any point of time you may Buy ‘Licensed’ copy of the software.

No issues , you may have to ‘Uninstall’ the software from your systems. After trail period , either you may have to buy Licensed copy or you cannot use software anymore.

No cards are required , Just download it  and Use it for 3 months. If you are satisfied buy it or else just uninstall the software.

Onboarding & Usage FAQ

Our Team will connect with you for onboarding , it will take around 3 days including planning and implementation. We offer free implementation for both Trial and buy cases.

Yes we have a detailed documentation available on  Documentation Page ,  there you will even find Videos too explaining on Implementation , You can also implement ‘Ais’ with help of documentation.

Yes , we have a detailed documentation on Documentation Page, there you will even Videos too explaining the usage. Its literally cake walk.

Step 1:  You may refer our ‘Vast’ and ‘Detailed’ documentation.


Step 2: You may search in our Forum , where you will find answers.


Step 3: If still not resolved , you may raise Ticket and we will help you. Please note Ticket option is available once you either start “Trail” or “License” AIS.  i.e Only Customers and their employees only can raise “Support Ticket”.

Technology FAQ

Yes , AIS is Cross platform application, i.e it works on Widows , Linux and Apple (Mac) operating systems.

Front end Gui is Tkinter .  Ais is programmed using Python language.

All the data you enter be saved in your Database.

These are saved in ‘Secured cloud environment’ called ‘Buckets’.  These ‘Buckets’ are maintained by Google cloud , Amazon Web services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.