Why SaaS model (Renting) is not Ideal for Accouting Softwares ?

SaaS (Rental) is most trending business model in Software Industry. Under SaaS model your software provider generally host the application in Cloud and gives you ‘Logins’ (User ID and Password) to access it. The advantage to User , He does not need to Install application but can access through any browsers ‘Like Google Chrome , mozilla  etc’.


The advantage to Seller (Software provider) is User need to Pay ‘SaaS Rent’ on regular periods like Monthly , Quarterly or Annually and will get ‘Recurring revenue’. 


Do SaaS model fits to Accounting Softwares ??

Using SaaS (Rental) buying any Generic software say like Video editing software is Very helpful.  As you don’t need to worry on the software and you can pay for the period you want to use and you can Discontinue at any point of time.


However Accounting softwares are ‘Life systems’,  the moment you start your organization until you ‘Wind up’(Shutdown) , you need to record transactions in Accounting softwares.  In addition to Your organization ‘Internal Stakeholders’   Even ‘External Stakeholders’ like Governments also need this data for Taxes and compliances.


Globally the Legal requirement is to ‘Maintain Books/ Data of Accounting softwares’ for  Atleast 8 Years. In case if there any Notices issued to your organization and pending cases , then you may have to Maintain this Data even more.    However Under SaaS model , since you will never own the Accounting software and just ‘Rent’ it and use it through Browsers , there is a ‘Risk of Loosing your data or Access to software’.


Let’s look some of situations , where you might loose this data

  •  If you stop paying ‘Rent’ , you loose access to your Accounting software access and your data ,you entered historically.
  • Even you are paying Rent, If your Provider become Bankrupt and closes his business.
  • If your accounting software provider , takes ‘Business decision’ to discontinue this line of business for factors like ‘Lower margin , Not getting desired reach etc’ , If he takes Business decision to close , then also you might Loose ‘Accounting software access’ and ‘Your Data’.

How we are solving this Big problem ?

Ais is sold on ‘License’ , i.e you buy once and you can use forever.  Also you will have full control over your Data(Database) and the files you generate (like Sale Invoices) etc.    As you own Software application and its data,  you can retain Books for ‘Any number of years’ and you can use it Forever.


Ais is Hybrid Desktop application , which gives your benefits of ‘Owning the software’ and if you connect the application to Cloud  (I.e if you host Database in Cloud ,which is controlled by you ) , You get cloud benefits of Speed , Load , security etc.

Refer to our ‘How it works ?’  page to understand more.

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