Why this project ?

We started this project for Two main reasons

 1) We wanted to give a Powerful tool

  • Which is simple to use
  • Cost effective , Both acquisition cost and Running costs
  • Lesser Key-in time and With limited people too you should operate
  • Captures most of the organization information and
  • Should Support in Decision making.

 2) Provide Unlimited Experience Vs Limited SaaS experience.     

The Team

We are a team of Charted accountants and Developers working with a goal to help organizations across the globe.


The team is lead by Mr.Sarath Chandra , a chartered accountant with morethan a decade of experience in Accounts and Finance working with Startups , Midsize , Listed entities of both India and USA.

Why we don’t suggest buying Accounting softwares under SaaS (Rental Model) ?

Under SaaS model (Software as a Service model) , Software provider owns the software and controls the software and Data. You will just access the software through ‘Web Browsers’ like Google chrome , Mozilla etc by entering User ID and Password given by your software provider , you will never own the software  nor the Data generated.


However Accounting softwares are Life systems for every organizations, you need to maintain ‘Books/Data’ for at least 8 (Eight) years. In case any Legal cases/ Notices are pending you may have to Keep Books for Even more.


The problem under SaaS is

  • The moment you stop paying Rent , you will loose your Data and access to your software.
  • Even if are paying SaaS Rent regularly, If your Service Provider becomes ‘Bankrupt/ close his business’ , then also you will loose your Data and Software access.
  • If your Vendor did not become Bankrupt but has taken ‘Business decision to discontinue’  (For any reason like Not getting expected revenue , Getting losses etc) , then also you will loose your Data and Software access.
  • Also , under SaaS your Vendor/ Provider wants you to ‘Pay regularly’ but can give only Limited Functionalities, Limits you ‘Usage’ and ‘Experience’.

So we wanted to give ‘Unlimited experience’  and with ‘License Model’ , you own the software and we give Full flexibility to choose where to host(run) your Database and Files. You will control ‘Your Software and Data’.  Also this model allows us flexibility to ‘Give more functionalities and can go deeper in any module’.

Why the need of Information system ?

Every Business is  a ‘Sum(Total) of Decisions’,   Taking right decision at right time is Important.  Also Some Wrong decisions or Even Delaying ‘Right Decisions’ can cost your business. 

So here we are ,  Our Software will capture the Information being generated by your business , Process it and helps you in Decision making.