Document Management System

AIS comes with Document Management System , i.e  You can attach documents while doing Entry like Attaching Vendor invoices while doing Purchase entry  or while raising sale invoice etc ,  i.e All your documents attached Will now be stored in Cloud.

Herewith advantages of storing documents in Cloud..


    • All your documents be stored in Cloud forever , i.e no issue of Missing / Lost documents.


    • Documents would be ‘Encrypted’ and saved to cloud , That means only people whom you allow access , can only Access the documents.


    • Access documents from anywhere be it at Home, Office or even sitting at beach (Provided one have internet access) .


    • You can enable Employees ‘Working from home’.


    • Your employees can carryon Work/ continue work from Home , which improves Productivity.


    • You can give access to Third parties , like Your Auditors , So that they can Check your documents from their office itself.

Information system (MIS and Decision support system)

With Powerful “Information system” of AIS One can –


    • Have better visibility of their business and better control on Numbers.


    • One can ‘Drill down’ an entity , So granular and can get Detailed view of the entity , which supports you in Decision making.


    • Consolidates/Groups all your entities in “Seconds”, So that you can analyze Your Group as if Like a ‘Single entity’ , Though your group might be spread in Different States or even different counties , with multiple operating currencies , Different Financial years (like USA Entities have Year of Jan to Dec , Indian Entities year of April to March) etc..


    • Now a days , Indian entities though having ‘Same Pan’ , since having many Verticals/ line business are having ‘Separate GST registrations’ and maintaining separate books by each GST Registration. With AIS , you can ‘Group’ all these entities and analyze your ‘Group’ in a Click.


    • In Accounting software you generate reports only ‘Entity currency’ , i.e For Indian entities  Trail balance , P&L etc would be only in “INR”. Whereas in AIS you can generate any report in ‘Entity Currency’ or in ‘Document currency’ or even in ‘Group Currency’.


Refer below Video to know more..

Vendor Purchases to Payment (Procurement to pay cycle).

As your organization grows ,  the way you procure goods changes . So we are ready to handle all your procurement to pay needs be it your ‘Current needs’  or your ‘Future needs’ on your growth.  ‘Ais’  has multiple ways to ‘Record Invoices’ to suit organizations of any level.

  • Records Vendor Invoices ‘Directly’ or against ‘Vendor Agreement’ or by’ Purchase orders’.
  • Issues purchase orders to Vendors and upon receipt of goods , ‘Ais’ does matching and Ensure you got goods at the Price , specification and same taxes as per your purchase Orders.
  • Handles gate and issues Gate passes.
  • Handles ‘Stores’, Upon on good receipt not only you can do ‘Store Material receipt’ but also you can capture Your goods demographics like  Manufactured date , batch number , Barcode etc.
  • At store receipt , you can “Do quality test for your goods received and Capture Test results”, to ensure goods received are of Good quality.
  • Gives you reminder of Invoice ‘To be due’ soon.
  • Process vendor Invoice either ‘Singly’ or can process ‘Bulk Invoices at once’.
  • Automatic calculation of Exchange gain or Loss’ in case if you are Paying ‘Foreign currency’ Invoices.
  • Upon payment System sends Email of Payment advise to your Vendor , Intimating payment. This will improves your Goodwill with your vendor and help for better terms next time.
  • Comes with reports like Vendors aging report , Creditors ledger report , Purchase register etc


Sale Invoices to Receipt (Invoice to receipt cycle)

  • Issue Quotations and Track quotation status along with your pipeline.
  • Convert quotations to Sale orders , upon customer acceptance.
  • Supports ‘Pricing’ and various Discount mechanisms , to improve your sales.
  • Issue Invoice ‘Directly’ or against ‘Sale Agreement’ or against ‘Sale Order’.
  • Does sale agreement management.
  • Ensures goods are issued as per Your Sale order or Sale quote.
  • Records Multi invoice receipt at once.
  • Fully Customizable Invoice.
  • Does Auto debtors Followup.
  • For Services , Flexibility of “Time sheets” billing (i.e Record Your Time for services to your customer and bill the Timesheets)
  • Comes with reports like Debtors aging report , Debtors ledger report , Sales register etc


True Multi-Currency

  • Record Vendor Invoices or Issue Customer Invoices in any currency.
  • Hold Bank accounts in any currency.
  • At time of Settlement, be it Vendor Invoices or Customer receipt , ‘Ais’ will Automatically calculates ‘Exchange Gains or Exchange Loss’.
  • Revaluation of Monetary assets & Liabilities using a single click and records ‘Unrealized Exchange Gains or Loss’.
  • Auto feeding of exchange rates – ‘Ais’ will connect to our Server and will pull Exchange rates on a dialy basis , So no need to upload Exchange rates. (We use exchange rates)

Journals and Book close

  • Flexibility to Bulk upload Journals
  • Automatic Expense accruals (Based on Purchase orders issued)
  • Revaluation of Monetary assets & Liabilities in a single click.
  • Support your entity book close , be it Month close and yearly close of books.

Budgeting and Forecasting

  • With Accounting softwares , you generally look only Present and Historic Data,  Whereas AIS Supports recording your “Future Financial targets Too”.

  • Plan How want to see your entity in “Next 1 year or 3 years or 5 Years”  and enter your Targets/expectations in AIS.   AIS Leverages its Information system for Budgeting/ Forecasting and you can Literally any type of Targets.

  • AIS will Populate “Actuals” , as and when time progress, so you can analyze the Difference between “Your Plan  Vs Actuals rolled out”.

This way you can Plan and Control your Entity “Future”.

Audit Trail and Role based access

Ais has Next generation audit trail and for each transaction done , ‘Ais’ captures audit trail of

  • Who did the transaction ?
  • What did he did ?
  • When he did the transaction ? (I.e Date, Time, Timestamp etc)
  • How he did the transaction ? (I.e Using which Machine, Machine OS, Machine ID etc)

Ais is role based system , So that you can give required “Roles” to only “Relevant People” who need to perform the transaction.

Experience “Unlimited”

We believe in ‘Unlimited experience’ , so everything would be unlimited  be it 

  • Unlimited Companies.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Unlimited transactions.
  • Unlimited file attachments etc.