Document Management System

AIS comes with Document Management System , i.e  You can attach documents while doing Entry like Attaching Vendor invoices while doing Purchase entry  or while raising sale invoice etc ,  i.e All your documents attached Will now be stored in Cloud.


Herewith advantages of storing documents in Cloud..


    • All your documents be stored in Cloud forever , i.e no issue of Missing / Lost documents.


    • Documents would be ‘Encrypted’ and saved to cloud , That means only people whom you allow access , can only Access the documents.


    • Access documents from anywhere be it at Home, Office or even sitting at beach (Provided one have internet access) 


    • You can enable Employees ‘Working from home’.


    • Your employees can carryon Work/ continue work from Home , which improves Productivity.


    • You can give access to Third parties , like Your Auditors , So that they can Check your documents from their office itself.