Welcome to Next generation “AIS” (Accounting information system), Where you get

  • Sophisticated accounting software , which handles end to end accounting needs at ‘Next level’.
  • Management Information system, which gives much clear view of your business and helps you in decision making.
  • Makes your office ‘Paper less’ by saving all documents securely to cloud , there by you can access your documents securely anytime or anywhere.
  • Run your organization from any part of the world, i.e you/your employees/ auditors etc can do work from anywhere. 
  • Budgeting and Forecasting systems, where you can capture your Goals, Track your progress.
  • Improves your organization process and controls.
  • Improved visibility on business and resources
  • Indian gst compliant with E-invoice , E-way bill process etc.
  • And Many more


              By the by, It is Buy Once use foreover.. i.e You buy Software License and you can use  forever.. Refer to our FAQ.


Document Management System(Paper Less office)

1)   Make Your office "Paperless" by storing all documents documents like Vendor Invoices , agreements, Sale Invoices , Contracts etc 'Securely' to Cloud.

2)   Your/ Your employees / People you authorize (like Auditors) can access documents by sitting anywhere either at Home , Office or even at a beach (As long as one have Internet 😊).
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Management Information & Decision support system

1)   Get Next generation MIS System , which support management in decision making.

2)  You can Control / Analyse your entity Much better and much detailed way.

3)  Consolidates all your group entities in a fraction of seconds and Gives Holistic view of your Business.
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Budgeting and Forecasting

1)  Plan your entity ‘How it would be ? Where it want to be ?’ and Enter your Financial targets of next 1 year or say 3 years.

2)  As and when time progress , AIS will update the Actuals against Targets set by you. AIS will also help you identify the Variances , so that you can analyze the variances.

3)  AIS will leverage its Inbuilt Information system and supports you in Budgeting and Forecasting.
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Vendor Purchases to Payment and related

1) Handles Vendor invoices, maintains Vendor      agreements.
2) Can issue purchase orders (P.O) , track          P.O and complete P.O Cycle.
3) Gate handling with gate pass.
4) Store handling.
5) Reminds due invoices and supports Bulk      Invoice payment.
6) Automatically sends Payment advises to      vendors on payment. And Many more..
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Sale Invoices to Receipt (Invoice to receipt cycle)

1) Issue sale quotations and track quotation status      under pipeline.
2) Handles Sale orders , sales agreements and      Issuing Invoices.
3) Debtor Auto followup by system to improve      better collection.
4) Fully customizable Invoice..
5) Supports ‘Pricing’, Various Discount      mechanisms to improve sales.
6) For Services, Supports ‘Time sheets billing’,      Fixed price and others And Many more..
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Journals and Book close

1) Flexibility to Upload Journals from excel

2) Automatic Expense accrual from P.O’s

3) Simplifies Book closure.

And Many more..
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Audit Trails and Role based access

1) Every transaction leaves ‘Audit trail’ of
    a) Who did
    b) What he/she did
    c) How he did (Using which System etc)
    d) When he did (i.e Date , time and          Timestamp etc)

2) Role based system, so that you can give      only required access to ‘required’
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Experience 'Unlimited'

Everything is unlimited with ‘Ais’ be it
1) Unlimited Companies
2) Unlimited Users
3) Unlimited Transactions
4) Unlimited File attachments ..

Refer to FAQ to know more..
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We understand needs of different sizes of organizations , so after buying our software , either ‘you may run the software on your own’ or if you want ‘we will run your software on your behalf’.

You can run the software in a single system , or in Your organizational Internal server or in Cloud Servers (like Google cloud , AWS , Microsoft azure) , it all depends on your organization stage and how many users work on software.

One time Software License costs  – USD 700 (INR 58,000)

Plus +  Yearly Maintenance – 5% of License cost (ie USD 35 /INR 2,900) towards software mandatory updates, maintenance tickets, dialy auto loading of exchange rates.

For  “We run your software” model, in addition to above maintenance , if we incur “Any third party costs” as per your requirement , that to be reimbursement with ‘Such actual costs + 5% mark up towards monitoring those third party services”.

One Server Application + Unlimited Clients

Unlimited Companies

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Transactions

Unlimited file Attachments


You Retain Full control over your Software, Database and Your Files.

Free Trial for 3 Months.


Free Implementation.

(Our Executive will connect you and supports free implementation)