How It Works ?

Please refer above video to understand ‘How Ais Works’ ?  and herewith key take aways.


AIS is a ‘Hybrid’ software which can run manyways , in short this gives you Full flexibility of where to run your database and where to save your Files.


Ais has  3 components


1. Application Layer –  You buy application and you own this.  To be more technical , the Application Includes ‘Front end’ (I.e. Screens what you see) and Programming layers.  In short this the application what you Buy from us under ‘License’.


2. Database – Data you enter in ‘Ais’  would be saved in Database.  Postgres is our database. You can host(run) your database in many ways ‘Depending on your budget’.  While ‘Option 2’ and ‘Option 3’ Below does not Cost you ,  as you would be Running database in your system/ server. But ‘Option 1have some costs


      • Option 1.   Cloud Servers – This is the most preferred way of running database as you will get ‘Speed’ and ‘Unlimited Load’ and database backups be saved forever. Currently in Market major cloud providers are ‘Google Cloud, AWS (Amazon web services) and Microsoft Azure’.  Depending on type of Server characteristics you need (i.e Ram , Space etc) , they will charge you. You need to pay them directly.


      • Option 2.    Internal Organizations servers  –  Many organizations have their ‘Internal servers’ maintained by their  IT Team. If you host(run) here , Cost is Nil (Zero).  As these are your own systems , you don’t need to pay.


      • Option 3.   Individual System –  If you cannot afford ‘Cloud Server’ or you don’t your ‘Internal server’, then you can Set aside ‘Any Laptop or Desktop system’ with at least 4 GB or 8 GB ram and you can host database here. You need to ensure this Laptop or System is ‘Always connected to Internet’ so that your other systems can save entries to this target system.  Also once in a month or in regular intervals , you need to Take backup of database (Takes 10 min of time) and store the Database Copy in External hard disk etc. , So that in case if your Laptop or systems get any issue , you can ‘Restore your entries’. There by your data is never lost.


3. Bucket –   All your  PDF Invoices generated by AIS or  Documents you attach like Vendor Invoices in PDF , Image etc.  Would be saved to ‘Cloud Buckets’.We work with all Top Cloud providers and you can choose your Bucket with  AWS (Amazon web service) , Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure.  All your documents would be ‘Saved forever and you can retrieve forever’. You need to pay these Cloud providers depending on Total space you used with them.Currently they are charging USD 0.02 to USD 0.03  Per GB/ Per Month.